• Leichardt Town Hall (map)
  • 107 Norton Street
  • Leichhardt, NSW, 2040
  • Australia


Presented as part of Site and Sound Arts 2018


Saturday, 12th May, 12noon

Saturday, 12th May, 3pm

Saturday, 12th May, 5pm

Show runs for 45min

SYNOPOSIS: The Spidermaiden and the Runaway Plum Blossom is a musical fable about a Plum Blossom who leaves her tree looking for adventure. However she unexpectedly gets caught in the Spidermaiden’s silken web. The Spidermaiden promises to set the Plum Blossom free if she can solve her tuneful riddle. Come hear the flute, clarinet, viola and cello create a mystical sound world and help solve the riddle of the Spidermaiden’s song in this charming 30min chamber opera for the whole family, where music can help you make sense of the world.

Blush Opera presents a family friendly chamber opera with original music and story by Australian composer Paul Smith. This event is proudly supported by Inner West Council's Living Arts Team. Site and Sound Arts is an initiative from Inner West Council that animates, and enlivens the historic Leichhardt Town Hall during April and May each year.