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  • 880 Princes Highway
  • Tempe, NSW, 2044
  • Australia

After two successfully development in 2017, Chop Chef is having its biggest taster yet! With support from the Inner West City Council, all six Chop Chef contestants will be singing for their supper as Blush Opera composer, Paul Smith, librettist, Julie Koh, and conductor, Luke Spicer, take audiences on an overview of the thrilling plot. The workshop will provide snippets of all previously composed ensembles and arias as well as the premiere of two brand new scenes fresh out of the oven. 

Stay tuned for performer information and tickets which will be available here soon :)

Chop Chef: The Opera

Chop Chef is a dark comedy where six contestants enter the cooking battlefield of Chop Chef. Faced with unusual and extreme cooking challenges they must compete to remain in the game and demonstrate who they are to the judges to avoid facing the chop. Behind the scenes, the producers and judges manipulate the contestants in an effort to create the most cutthroat form of entertainment. In thrilling arias and melodramatic ensembles pieces, contestants are pushed to their limits and some will stop at nothing to be the last chef standing. However, some contestants start to question their place in the competition and push back against the forces that bind them to their contracts. Perhaps the tables will turn...

Chop Chef is a chamber opera in two acts that explores the characters, tropes, and narrative devices of reality television and exports them to the operatic stage where they can be pushed to their absurd conclusions. These shows are a matter of life and death for the contestants. By exploring this topic, Blush is committed to expanding contemporary operatic repertoire with stories that have a direct resonance with broad Australian audiences.